Other Daimler clubs and resources

Daimler Forum http://www.dlcentre.com/forum/

DLOC Australia (NSW) http://www.dlocaustralia.org

DLOC UK http://www.dloc.org.uk

DLOC NZ http://www.daimlerclub.org.nz

Daimler & Jaguar Spares Club NZ http://daimjag.org.nz/Select.htm

DLOC North America http://dlocna.org

Jaguar Drivers Club Sth Aust http://www.jdcsa.com.au/theregisters.htm

 Daimler SP250 Owners' Club (UK-based) http://www.daimlersp250dartownersclub.com 

Motoring associations

AOMC http://www.aomc.asn.au

The Federation of Veteran, Vintage and Classic Vehicle Clubs http://www.federation.asn.au


Other interesting sites

the National Museum of Australia's Royal Tour DE36 restoration project http://nma.gov.au/blogs/daimler/2012/02/23/why-daimler/

DLOC UK site for the DLOC International Rally http://www.dlocinternationalrally.co.uk/

Informative video covering the Docker years of Daimler in the 1950s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiV38I3WLGw

Personal site by Kevin Bennett of the DLOC UK, documenting the many Daimlers and Lanchesters he has owned http://daimlerandlanchester.com

Most Daimler V8 saloons are automatics, but here's a great video of someone driving a rare manual/OD one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_qRy4sR4Do 

Lanchester Press: publisher of books explaining and developing the 'Lanchester Strategy', applying the military thinking of engineer Frederick W Lanchester to business http://lanchester.com